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Wow what a stunning track! Can’t help but love this haunting dreamlike improvisational sound from London-based Savaging Spires. Melodies rise and fall just like waves. We should be dead (Together) is taken from their upcoming album “Horizon”.

Monkeys on a rock

“Just stop thinking, worrying, looking over your shoulder wondering, doubting, fearing, hurting, hoping for some easy way out, struggling, grasping. Stop it and just DO!”

—Sol LeWitt

White Fence

This track and the whole album will make you happy! For The Recently Found Innocent is the new album by White Fence aka Los Angeles-based psych-rocker Tim Presley.

Pegs without clothes

Pegs without clothes

If you like to listen to more great tracks, check out my soundcloud profile tulpenmarie


Great sound from Oklahoma! If you like music from Iggy Pop, Ramones, the Stooges or the Strokes this track will certainly please your ears!



There’s no place like this sweet peninsula where our Mökki {Finnish for summer house} is located. I have spent almost all summers of my life there. I know every stone, every tree, every little trail. This place is in my heart. Its essence runs through my veins. It makes me calm and strong.





If you ever find yourself in the wrong story,


—Mo Willems

Tobias Jesso Jr.

Fab new discovery! Vancouver singer-songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr. has this great magical sincerity that is so very rare to find these days. You just have to listen to it again and again! 

Good to be back in town. Post about our trip to Finland up next!

CNGRTS at Waldstock 

Today I’m proud to share this video with you. CNGRTS delivered their first warmly-received festival show to beginn the second day of live music at Waldstock Festival 2014 last weekend.

After this fab gig festival-goers had the chance to watch other great sets by Cat Stash, Code Canary, Mile Me Deaf, Der Nino Aus Wien, Mozes & The Firstborn, Balthazar, De Staat and Die Nerven.

Ah and if you are wondering why I’m so proud, my Mister is the singer of this great five-piece melodic indie rock band. Listen to their EP on their soundcloud site!

Big thanks to the Waldstock team! 

Great trick to make your skirt bikeable! You only need a penny and a rubber band! This was prototyped during Cyclehack Glasgow, 2014.


Such a fantastic slow six and a half minute track by Seattle’s three-piece band Posse! Soft Opening is the second full-length album from Posse.

2nd sweetest cat in the world!

2nd sweetest cat in the world!


Montemagno, Lucca, Florence

Please excuse the radio silence! Last week we got back from our trip to my sisters house in Tuscany, Italy. We took quite a few pictures, so it took awhile to sort them through.

My sister and her husband are living on an uttery spellbinding piece of land in the Tuscan hills overlooking Pisa, Livorno and the sea. On a good day you can even see the leaning tower! It’s so peaceful and quiet up there and the view is so breathtakingly beautiful that you won’t regret just sitting there all day breathing it all in.


We had delicious Barbecue, celebrated the return of the missing cat, read a lot while sunbathing, watched a tiny Mrs Fox drawing her last breath a few steps away from the house, took a day trip to sweet Lucca with its famous amphitheatre, watched Miro Klose score his 15th goal at the World Cup finals against Ghana, had the pleasure to experience a nerve-racking breakdown of the little red Mikrobe car in the middle of nowhere, haha and spend two fabulous days in the Athens of the Middle Ages – Florence, where we went for the longest stroll imaginable in Boboli Gardens, marvelled at work of arts at the Uffizi gallery and lived on nothing but ice cream during the hot summer days. Magnificamente!




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